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Endurance racing holds a special place in the hearts of both spectators and drivers, though one has to wonder why. What would motivate a driver to want to spend several hours in a hot race car maintaining the highest form of focus and consistently turning laps for hours? What kind of person brims wi ...
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The Nissan Versace after our spirited ride to V.I.R.Last weekend, I was in Virginia to support my husband in the 13-hour Charge of the Headlight Brigade race at Virginia International Raceway (V.I.R.). I believe the role of Race Track Support may as well have been written into my marriage vows --th ...
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Admit it: when you think of yoga, you envision a tie-dye wearing yogi who sits in lotus pose, eats organic food, and rides his or her bike as often as possible to reduce the carbon footprint. And when you consider a car lover -- a petrol head -- the opposite comes to mind and your mental image shift ...
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