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Spec Miata (SM) is known for its über-competitive field. Because the racing is so incredibly close, the slightest mistake can result in the loss of a position (or five). In these underpowered, momentum-dependent cars, drivers must rely on precise driving technique to carry as much speed as possible ...
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The sad news came on the morning after my husband and I had returned from a very enjoyable weekend at MidOhio, where we had spent three days driving with the Ohio Valley Region Porsche Club. Sean Edwards, 26, had died in a crash at Queensland Raceway in Australia. Edwards, a race car driver who was ...
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Audi's R18 on display at the COTA garages. The yellow rope is to keep ladies like myself from throwing themselves at this amazing, LeMans-winning race car.The confession came at the end of one of the dinners during a the three-day weekend at Circuit of the Americas (COTA). "I finally had to tell th ...
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