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Most people hate Mondays, but hump day is the day I dread. Each Wednesday, per our custody agreement, my daughters go to their dad’s house for the second half of the week. In principle, I don’t disagree with the schedule we have in place; I firmly believe spending time with their father and sist ...
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Mother Everyone.

When I was a kid, I was bookish, loved classical music and ballet, and took life very, very seriously. My mother was funny, undisciplined, and marching to her own drum. While other mothers pushed piano lessons and extracurricular activities, my mother let me pick and quit activities whenever I wante ...
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Mothering, Expectations and Shame

My girls never cease to amaze me, and when they do, it reminds me just how intelligent children are and just how little credit we give them for that raw, unfettered intellect. Sometimes that intellect and inquisitive nature catches me off guard and stops me in my tracks, as it did a few days ago whe ...
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People often ask me whether I get scared while driving or riding in a car at the race track, and I usually say, “not really.”If I am doing the driving, there are very few times when adrenaline creeps in, usually when I am working on a faster lap and I commit to braking less or taking a corner fa ...
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