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I was recently invited to teach intro to yoga at my girls’ school.  My co-teacher (whose son is in 5th grade with my girls) and I knew teaching K-8 kids would be a whole different ballgame from the adult classes we normally teach.  We knew that not because we’re wise, but because we have tried ...
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This morning I was wonderfully surprised to find a photo of our family in Yoga Journal’s online pictorial, Stoke Your Spirit: 25 Images to Inspire Connection. The piece features portraits of yogis taken by my favorite yoga photographer, Robert Sturman. Among the 25 photographs is a group shot of m ...
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It's humorously ironic. As a mother, my number one responsibility (as I see it) is to turn my daughters into two decent, happy people. And yet, some days, I am the last person they want to learn from. When considering how challenging it is to teach my girls, it occurred to me that teaching the ones ...
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