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While my friend and I were out enjoying a glass of wine the other day, she received a text from her bright, 19-year-old daughter. “I have something to tell you, but promise you won’t get mad,” it read. “Don’t worry,” read the text which quickly followed, “I am not pregnant and I have n ...
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When I was a kid (here I go dating myself again), our family cars were always fastidiously clean, both inside and out. My Mom drove a station wagon and my dad occasionally had an early Porsche 911 in the garage. Both cars smelled good and were uncluttered by book bags, sports equipment, snacks, or a ...
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When purchasing a family car,  people seldom ask their children for input. We have been guilty of this ourselves: when we purchased a family car last year,  we took a few test drives with our 8-year-olds in the back seat. We brought them along for two reasons: (1) we wanted to ensure the girls wou ...
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