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J's artist rendering of how she lost her tooth at school.Last week, J came home with a tooth she lost at school. “This time I was ready,” she said, pulling out a little plastic box with a miniature cartoon tooth on it. Inside was her prize – a little white stone, still bloody. “That’s dis ...
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People often ask me whether I get scared while driving or riding in a car at the race track, and I usually say, “not really.”If I am doing the driving, there are very few times when adrenaline creeps in, usually when I am working on a faster lap and I commit to braking less or taking a corner fa ...
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The Ties That Bind: Cars and Siblings

There was the time my Mother, tired of our fighting, left us in the back seat of her wood-paneled Toyota Corona station wagon while she did the grocery shopping. "You two go ahead and kill eachother; I am going to do my shopping in peace," she said. (Ah, the things you could do in 1979 without being ...
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