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Most people hate Mondays, but hump day is the day I dread. Each Wednesday, per our custody agreement, my daughters go to their dad’s house for the second half of the week. In principle, I don’t disagree with the schedule we have in place; I firmly believe spending time with their father and sist ...
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I had a great aunt who saved my life, though she never knew it.Nearly two decades ago, before my paternal grandfather died, I asked him to tell me more about his life. I was in my twenties and knew very little about him save for his superficial likes (hard work; peace and quiet) and dislikes (my bro ...
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It's humorously ironic. As a mother, my number one responsibility (as I see it) is to turn my daughters into two decent, happy people. And yet, some days, I am the last person they want to learn from. When considering how challenging it is to teach my girls, it occurred to me that teaching the ones ...
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