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Recently, my husband C and I were asked to help out at a PCA event at Grattan Raceway. Instead of taking the racecar, trailer and swag, we decided to keep it simple by driving up in the Cayman. The day was overcast and it rained on and off throughout the event, which helped keep things cooler and mo ...
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If you live in a place which experiences four seasons, you’re familiar with the things you do once temperatures dip below 32 degrees. For us, this list includes a few good things (no more mowing the lawn and winter sports) and some not so good things (no more track events and no more driving the C ...
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It almost sounds like the beginning of a joke. “ A woman walks into a car dealership…” but we all know that shopping for a car while female is almost always no joke. Heck, who are we kidding: shopping at car dealerships is usually not fun for anyone, and this is in big part because of the sale ...
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