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The Ties That Bind: Cars and Siblings

There was the time my Mother, tired of our fighting, left us in the back seat of her wood-paneled Toyota Corona station wagon while she did the grocery shopping. "You two go ahead and kill eachother; I am going to do my shopping in peace," she said. (Ah, the things you could do in 1979 without being ...
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My favorite part of auto shows? Giving Bib a hug.Planning on attending the Detroit Auto Show this year? Good! Whether you attend because you love checking out the new cars, are the Mom of car-loving little people, or are making up for forcing your husband watch the Twilight Saga, you are bound to e ...
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At NOLA Motorsports Park for the Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3 launch. Photo (c)Rick DoleA few weeks ago I traveled to New Orleans to attend the launch of Michelin's newest all-season tire, the Pilot Sport A/S 3. My review of the tire appeared on FlatSixes.com. In short, I was very impressed by this t ...
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To that rare bird, the car-loving woman
The first car-loving woman I met was my Mother. She was always very vocal about her love of cars, and her stories almost always included mention of a car or an adventure enjoyed whilst driving. As a child, I remember her speaking to the car from time to time, especially after a particularly fun corn ...
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