I am the German car-loving Mama of twin girls. I spend weekdays chauffeuring the kids around and weekends at the race track. In between, I practice yoga and run to stay sane.

My parents brought me home in a Porsche 356 Super-C and most of my youth was spent in the back seat of a 911/912, which effectively brainwashed me into the cult of the flat-six. I have yet to meet a pre-1995 Porsche I haven’t fallen in love with, no matter how rusty. Some I threaten to buy myself a 912 rolling chassis and stick it in the garage, just because. Thankfully, I am married to my favorite driver who was also one of my first performance driving instructors, so he is quite tolerant (though his idea of “vintage” equals a first-gen 997 Cup).

My work has been published in SpeedSecrets, Porsche Panorama, The Truth About Cars and PorschePurist.com / FlatSixes.com, and the Moksha Yoga website, among others.


For queries or writing projects, please contact me at: valerie@porschemama.com