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I had a great aunt who saved my life, though she never knew it.Nearly two decades ago, before my paternal grandfather died, I asked him to tell me more about his life. I was in my twenties and knew very little about him save for his superficial likes (hard work; peace and quiet) and dislikes (my bro ...
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Last week, one of my colleagues claimed I looked “tanned” (impossible) while another remarked I looked very relaxed (true). But this “tan” is really my physical being having settled into the pace of my native land during our two-week vacation.The lucky cuy doesn't just avoid being cooked, it ...
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(Spoiler alert: If you have not read Fifty Shades of Grey or watched the movie, this review will give away crucial details about the cars featured therein. Proceed at your own risk.)Whenever I drop my A4 Avant off for service at the dealership, I get an Audi loaner. I love loaners. Unlike a test dri ...
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