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Mothering, Expectations and Shame

My girls never cease to amaze me, and when they do, it reminds me just how intelligent children are and just how little credit we give them for that raw, unfettered intellect. Sometimes that intellect and inquisitive nature catches me off guard and stops me in my tracks, as it did a few days ago whe ...
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The Apollo 13 Approach to Life

I got pretty lucky with my job. I don’t only get to spend my day working for quite possibly the best boss out there (the man has never lost his patience with my shaky Excel skills, and that is saying a lot), but also with gifted coders who are artists and talented cooks, physicists who fill white ...
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It’s January in Michigan, which means my days are spent driving in inclement weather dressed in as many down garments as possible, with the seat heater on full blast while occasionally eating baked goods and drinking soy mochas. Now that the glitter of the holidays has been swept away and only the ...
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The German Car-Loving Yogi Mama's Blog

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