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It almost sounds like the beginning of a joke. “ A woman walks into a car dealership…” but we all know that shopping for a car while female is almost always no joke. Heck, who are we kidding: shopping at car dealerships is usually not fun for anyone, and this is in big part because of the sale ...
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My date: the Audi A6 3.0 TDI (photo courtesy of Audi)As a Valentine’s Day present for my beloved Audi A4 Avant, I decided to take it in to the local dealership for a spa day. OK, that’s not entirely true. Truth is, our wagon was due for its 35,000 mile service, and the only day the service depa ...
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News outlets have been awash with news about Philip Seymour Hoffman’s death from a heroin overdose last week. The actor, who previously had been sober for 23 years, relapsed over one year ago, and had completed a stint in rehab in May 2013.I never followed Mr. Hoffman’s career, nor did I know hi ...
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