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Audi's R18 on display at the COTA garages. The yellow rope is to keep ladies like myself from throwing themselves at this amazing, LeMans-winning race car.The confession came at the end of one of the dinners during a the three-day weekend at Circuit of the Americas (COTA). "I finally had to tell th ...
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Summer appears to be almost over--and I say "almost" because the last four months have been an exercise in patience when it comes to clothing and tire choices. We've had torrential rain, flooding, some drought, 50-degree summer days in July and 98-degree summer days in September.I am quite certain t ...
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When I was a kid (here I go dating myself again), our family cars were always fastidiously clean, both inside and out. My Mom drove a station wagon and my dad occasionally had an early Porsche 911 in the garage. Both cars smelled good and were uncluttered by book bags, sports equipment, snacks, or a ...
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